Eat well, Italian.. and local.

“There is more than Pizza and Salsa Bolognese to eat in Italy..”

that’s how it started.

Italian community in Belgium is very present, also italian cooking is know and appreciated but it’s often prepared with ingredients imported from Italy, justified by the fact that “there is nothing at same quality level here”. Then the quality impacts over prices, it becomes difficult to change a product or replace it, and the menu does not change along the year and we eat almost the same dishes.

But shouldn’t be a way to make Italian cooking which follows the seasons, with simple dishes, healthy with different ingredients along the year ?  A place where the daily menu is made from fresh, local products, and we can eat season dishes like Risotto con Radicchio Rosso or a Fresh Artichokes salad , even with a glass of a good wine ?

I met Enrico, and I was impressed by his old style recipes prepared with fresh ingredients straight from the local market. He knows how to prepare a film-wrapped, owen-cooked fish or a special Pasta with a taste like nowhere else.. except in Italy.

I proposed him to set up an Italian restaurant furnished with local fresh products, here in Brussels, and he accepted.

We found a place in a typical “Maison de rapport” between Saint-Gilles and Ixelles and we gave it a fresh look but preserving the original style and characteristics, recovering everything that has been possible to reuse or fix.

The atmosphere is inspired to the Osteria where people go and get a dish to eat from the daily menu, made with fresh and local ingredients, with a glass of good wine and a relaxed ambiance.

And yes, it is possible to eat later than the usual, because it’s always a good time to eat well..